In the Omega Koncept, internal and external training activities are included in order to increase the performance of human resources and to ensure product and service quality. Training development needs are largely derived from the goals set throughout the institution and specific to the project, taking into account the competencies of human resources. Training and development activities; It can be structured as Orientation Training, In-Company Trainings, Site Trips and Seminars.

Orientation Training

These are the informative trainings in which general information about the general functioning of the organization, organizational structure, working conditions, social rights and responsibilities of the newly employed personnel are conveyed, and also about the new project.

In-Company Trainings

It consists of knowledge and skill development trainings and experience sharing meetings we receive from national or international companies we host in our company and leading names in their sectors.

Site Trips

It includes regular site visits to the sites, which are contracted by Omega Construction Engineering, our construction company, and to the sites of other construction companies that undertake our projects.


It consists of the participation in seminars and certificate programs given by experts in the fields of the Omega Concept, which always closely follows the current developments.

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